My first cosplay experience

What do you fear?

I’ve been wanting to cosplay for quite a long time. Way before I even saw what the awesome guys at Arkham SA were doing. No, in fact I have been wanting to do it since I saw my first cosplay competition back at rAge 2012.

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eGamer Podcast #82 – I was on it


So last week during a “casual” exchange between myself, Cavie, Zhameer and a few of the other eGamer (or EGMR as they like to refer to themselves now*) folks. A loose invite to guest on their podcast was extended. Due to a previous commitment I was unable to join, but I took them up on their offer for this week’s installment. Click through for a synopsys of the show along with a link to listen to it. Also be sure to check out the web site for all the latest gaming news, reviews, etc. Read more »

Over at ITF Gaming: Review – Trials Fusion


This game is a continuation of the Trials series made popular on the Xbox platform of consoles. The latest one, specifically built for next-gen hardware takes the game a step further. I reviewed this one on PC. Check out the review on the click through.

Over at ITF Gaming: Review: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls


As you may recall, I was very eager for Diablo 3 in the weeks leading up to its release and I gave it a stellar review back in 2012, which you can read here. Blizzard has now returned with the first (and hopefully not last) expansion pack for this fantastic RPG and I recently reviewed it for ITF Gaming. Check out this review by clicking through.

Blog of the Week: Graham Peter – Stuff and Things


Gosh, I haven’t done one of these in a while. Primarily because I haven’t really had much to share in this line for a while. This week however I found quite a cool web site which I thought I’d share with you guys. Which web site is that you ask? Well simple really, the blog of one Graham Van Der Made. Click through for more!

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Over at the Dark Carnival: What next-gen gaming means to me


A few weeks ago I wrote an article at The Dark Carnival expressing my feelings on what next-gen should be and what it’s not. Check it out at the click through.

Over at ITF Gaming: Review – Fable Anniversary


A few weeks ago I volunteered to help Darryl at ITF Gaming reduce his workload a bit with some of his reviews, and as I had previously played Fable, and its sequels, I grabbed this one to review. Click through and give it a read.

Events: Free Comic Book Day 2014


This year was my first Free Comic Book Day, but I must say the experience was quite a pleasant one. Just the sheer atmosphere at Cosmic Comics in Randburg was enough to get the adrenaline pumping. I queued along with my fellow geeks for about 10 minutes and was let loose on the shop where they had incredible specials including R50 off on T-shirts, R100 off statuettes and 10% off select comic books.

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Television Series: Doctor Who – 12th Doctor & Pompeii Fan Theory


So ever since  the new Doctor aka Peter Capaldi was announced as the replacement for Matt Smith, I have been scratching my head about something (and I’m sure some of you Whovians have too). The actor who will be portraying the 12th Doctor has been in Doctor Who before, and not that long ago either. Think back to the second Donna Noble episode during David Tenant’s reign as the 10th Doctor. Season 4 Episode 2 to be more precise. The Fires of Pompeii. Whereas this episode revealed quite a bit about the Doctor’s future in its own right (Spoilers ahead), there is one big mystery in that episode which hasn’t been resolved and hopefully the following theory or theories proves correct.

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Over at the Dark Carnival: Is creativity in entertainment dead?


Today’s article is a bit of an opinion piece, but it covers a question that has become vitally important to ask, especially for those of us who values quality entertainment.  Whether you’re a movie/television series buff or a video gamer who values his/her narrative in said medium, I’m sure we can all agree that creativity in the Entertainment Industry has definitely hit some sort of wall.

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